More then a good quote!

20 Jan

“We dont earn our value by what we do but we are valuable because of what we do.” -netta

A few questions I am asking myself?
      – when to i feel the most valuable?
      – why do i feel valuable?
      – where is my value suppose to come from?

Value is assigned in all sorts of forms in our society…. through brands, pricing, etc. But I want my life to please God- no matter what task is at hand big or small.


..thankful for a new year…

13 Jan

Thankful for what God did in 2010 but looking forward to what he is going to do in 2011!!

Cool things of 2010

– learned to sew

– went to Alabama and Minnesota to visit family!

– Got to love on tons of people in our community during war week and aim! Working with Convoy of Hope was so much fun!

– Big Splash! Seeing people getting baptized never gets old

– Tons of fun memories with friends!

– Learned what kind of sushi i like, found a yummy recipe for a danish puffcake!

– Built closer relationships with friends!

– Learning how to hear God’s voice and follow His leading!

– Favorite book Jealousy by RT Kendall!

– Family Night Thursdays with Abby and Kari. Lots of yummy food and fun!

– Thursday night tutoring! Love those kids they are so precious!

– New smarter phone…

– Decorated cookies for neighbors! The day after we delivered cookies our neighbor moved their car that had been in front of our house for almsot 2.5 months! Cookies work miracles!

– Joy to the D! So much fun to be apart of a church who gives back to the community!

2010 Was a great year- but looking forward to 2011! Hopefully there will be no couches or deer in my path on the highway!

My newest sewing creation

14 Dec



My cute quilt technique pillow 🙂

My favorite Christmas Cookie

14 Dec



So this past week…. i have been baking cookies like a crazy person. On thur night me Kari and Abby baked tons and tons of sugar cookies… and on saturday some friends came over and we decorated them and delivered to out neighbors. Yesterday I made more sugar cookies, orea bark and oreo truffles with some more friends! It has been fun baking and decoratng with friends… thankful for the people God has placed in my life!

.24 cents!

8 Dec


So I love shopping.. but mainly try to resist unless there is an unbelievable sale or something I need for something.. lol. Anyways last night I headed to target to pick up some presents for Joy to the D! And I went equipped with a 2-$5 off coupon for the Pictureka card game.. and guess how much the card game was? $5.24. So I got 2 card games for $0.24 each plus tax! And I got some other fun deals on some toys- but this was the best deal!

So here’s the link.. to print the coupons!


Guess the price….

19 Nov


Guess th price.. 2 shirts from old navy and 2 pairs of sandals…

To sew or not to sew!!!

18 Nov




Just wanted to share with my blog world a few things i have been working on… recently i have made an vintage style apron that goes to the hip. (this is my 1st using a pattern..) thanks Kari for modeling and thanks avalon for providing bread for this photo shoot! I also have been sewing some covers for our couch pillows! (Thank u couch for modeling the pillows!)